Are there any guys who've had to start from scratch?

Just wanted to say thanks for asking the question so I could read the responses. Am 30, 31 shortly. I unplugged a few years ago after a devastating break up and started going my own way. I built a house in the country and have a great job. Studying toward a second major cert even. I have remained single, made and lost a few plates along the way. But I live 40 mins from downtown, 25 mins from a decent scene uptown. Took many friends for granted along my own way and don't have an active social life. Renting a room out to an old friend and smoking a lot of weed will do that to you.

I used be to your stereotypical jock with a great circle and social life in high school and early college. Since this was years and years ago, such great resources were not around I was actually BP as fuck. After breaking up with the hottest piece of ass I ever had freshman year I dipped, moved and started the WoW marathon. fuck guys, so much wasted life looking back.

I have tried a couple things like joining coed leagues, but fucked it up with the younger girls still not knowing what was what. I had coasted so easily off my old status I truly didn't know what was up or down. Mix in some bible belt programming from early child hood on with a dedicated biblical dad to this day and it still fucks with me hard core when I try and step out of my comfort zones. I know better and have known better for awhile.

At least I started lifting again a few years ago, back to being ripped. Started building a project car, but i can't go to meets and join the fuckin clubs until i'm done studying. seriously going out of my gord because i know deep down that I will have to start socially from scratch.

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