Are there any major differences between the last couple interglacial periods? (MIS 1, 5, 11)??

Well, just looking at this handy chart for marine isotope stages we can see that the last few interglacials actually appear at MIS 5 (specifically 5e) and several substages of MIS 7. The letter notation for substages used in the diagram is the best concerted effort to tidy up all the local minima/maxima into a consistent scheme, as originally published by Railsback et al(1) and is pretty much in wide use now.

Lisiecki, L. E., and Raymo, M. E. (2005), A Pliocene‐Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic delta O‐18 records, Paleoceanography, 20, PA1003,

Railsback, L. B., Gibbard, P. L., Head, M. J., Voarintsoa, N. R. G., and Toucanne, S. ( 2015), An optimized scheme of lettered marine isotope substages for the last 1.0 million years, and the climatostratigraphic nature of isotope stages and substages, Quat. Sci. Rev., 111, 94– 106, 10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.01.012

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