Why are there so many well read, educated and financially well-off Filipinos who are voting for BBM?

Pretty much this.

If you weren't an activist or minority, you generally could live insulated from all of the contentious parts of Marcos' reign. And most of the debts that piled up in his tenure, your kids are the ones paying for.

People enjoyed the superficial luxuries at the time like infrastructure, and my dad loved the fact that promotion in the government was meritocratic and not political. That's why when Marcos was around, he got up the ladder by acing exams, and during the FVR/GMA years, his career wasn't as prosperous.

Then again, this should all be irrelevant because BBM isn't like his father at all. He's a bum that never took the effort to study and finish, squandered the last 4-5 years doing nothing but file electoral protests, and is likely going to win and make the next six years unbearable all because we are inconsistent with how to treat him and attributing Martial Law to his stupid ass.

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