Are these good for a giveaway ?


Sorry Everyone for the lack of giveaways . Today’s first giveaway is a shiny BR Goodra!! If there is enough support I will make a shiny BR Series based off everyone’s suggestions here at Pokemon Plaza :D. Furthermore I am teaming up with /u/own3d192, I will be distributing raffle numbers to the first 30 people and winners will either get to select a Diancie or Shiny Kyogre!!

Lets get down to business


  • This is a first come first serve giveaway
  • One per person, no reservations
  • No editing comments! If you stuff up reply to yourself
  • Please deposit an Abra or Tentacool, specify gender and level
  • Level lock to level 100
  • Leave bruh somewhere in your comment so I know you have read the rules. Also leave GTS message xRaw’s Return
  • Don’t trade ORAS exclusives as I am using Pokemon Y
  • Lastly I will comment back your raffle number

Rule 8

Pokemon Gender Ability Nature IV’s Move Set OT ID Type of Pokeball Level Mark Language Item
Goodra Male Sap Sipper Modest 31/31/31/31/31/31 Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake Deen 01371 Pokeball 100 Pentagon ENG Assault Vest

own3d1992’s Raffle Prizes :D

Shiny Kyogre | No gender | Drizzle | Timid | 31/31/31/31/31/31 | Body Slam, Aqua Ring, Ice Beam, - | Own3d | 47870 | Net Ball | Level 47 | Pentagon | ENG

Diancie | No Gender | Clear Body | Hasty | 31/31/31/31/31/31 | Diamond Storm, Moonblast, Hidden Power, Protect | JPN Name | 07194 | Cherish Ball | Level 100 | Pentagon | ENG

Lastly It would be appreciated if you left a comment on my reference page

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