Are these traits good?

Get Underweight. On a start with power still on you can just binge refrigerator food to put on weight and cancel it out early on. Anything still in refrigerators after the power goes out will rot pretty fast and there's just no reasonable way to hoard all of it. So might as well stuff your face.

That gives you 6 points. I would buy Fit or Athletic and see about maybe dropping Brave or Dextrous to finagle the build a bit more.

Fitness is just an all-around good power stat like strength.

Fitness increases a multitude of player abilities. It reduces Endurance loss, increases Endurance recovery, increases attack speed, reduces damage from long falls, increases the chance to push a zombie off when attacked, increases exercise speed and reduces trip chance when a zombie lunges after falling over a window or fence.

Yeah, just a big list passive bonuses and being able to fight or run for longer without getting tired is a survival trait.

IMO Dextrous isn't terribly useful for my playstyle. Most small items you can loot in a hurry take no time at all to go into inventory. (Digital watches for scrap, various pills.)

Anything heavier that takes a lot of time to loot, you don't want to be looting around zombies anyway. And you really should be fully clearing the inside of a building and it immediate perimeter before you start looting as a matter of practice.

I make it a point to circle most buildings peering into windows and shoving doors to get a feel where the zombies are. Because all it takes is one scratch to die and fighting even medium-sized packs indoors can quickly get out of hand and kill you.

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