Are trailers giving too much away? Are they becoming plot spoiling short stories?

  1. He didn't direct Man of Steel, only produced it. I think it's in a slightly different category. I'm nitpicking though.

  2. I agree with what you're saying for Inception and Interstellar. I think Inception has way too much of a reputation as being impossible to unravel and very complex, when it was a relatively straightforward action movie actually (albeit much smarter than the average action movie).

That idea with Inception is probably more prevalent in the general public than it is on Reddit though, but Reddit definitely circlejerks over Interstellar. Interstellar has a lot of great things about it, but it's not the greatest movie ever, because where Nolan broadened his scope and improved on some aspects (the visuals are absolutely spectacular), he completely muddied the plot. There's a lot of inconsistency if you think about the movie for more than a few seconds, but the way Nolan sets it up makes you think it's something incredibly thought provoking and hides it's flaws.

I think the problem with the Nolan circlejerk is just that it goes way too far. Because he's doing something different that people really enjoy, they feel compelled to like everything he does, but that doesn't mean he's perfect. Memento and The Prestige are (apart from the Dark Knight) his best movies, because they actually manage to hit on all points. Memento I think preserves the twists and plot intricacies that he's known for while being pretty easy to understand once you get the hang of the forwards/backwards thing. The Prestige is pretty complex, but everything in the movie is right there. It's not trying to hide anything with the "confusing" aspects of it.

Okay, I rambled too much and this probably doesn't make much sense now. Tl;dr people over-exaggerate Nolan because he's good and different, but most of the circlejerk comes from Inception and Interstellar which used "cerebral" plots to distract the viewer from other failures, and were relatively straightforward. He still makes good movies though.

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