You are transported back in time to December 2019, and get a few minutes to speak to your younger self. How do you describe the next 2 years to them?

Life is going to get so much worse and there's no sign things will improve. Also there is gonna be a pandemic that almost kills you. You're going to lose your job for 7 months and you'll spend 50k from your annuity just to survive...

And your reward for surviving that is your wife will cheat on you countless times and gaslight you about it the entire time. Don't worry she will assault you too so you'll have a nice 12 day break before you let her violate the order of protection so she can do it again. But it's your fault because she can't hang out with her friends, it just happens that all her friends also put their dick in her. It's okay though you'll keep supporting her for another year while she continues to break your heart and destroy your brain. Totally worth not dying.

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