Why are you unhappy?

Life is actually pretty ok, compared to some of the things in this thread I have it really good, but yeah.

Feel like I'm losing myself, my family and friends. Over the years (and especially now in university) I feel myself becoming less of the person I thought I was - slowly finding less pleasure in the things I once enjoyed and not being able to say with conviction my hopes and aims for myself and the world around me.

I'm a rather quiet person, so I don't like interacting in big groups (classes, big gatherings etc.) and prefer the company of a few close friends, and I understand that as close as they may be today there's no guarantee they'll be there tomorrow. Had my fair share of lost friendships, but currently feel like I'm losing more than I'm finding, and of those that remain, I can't be entirely truthful with them about my feelings.

Probably the thing that makes me feel worst is my relationship with my parents. Don't get me wrong, they're loving and have given me all that I need to get to where I am today (and I love and appreciate them dearly for it), but lately our relationship has been rather strained - there have been outbursts on both mine and their sides over issues that we previously could discuss civilly. Also lately I've been feeling like a disappointment to them, and even though they say that they're proud of me I can feel it when they compare me to other people (their nieces/nephews, friends' kids etc.)

It's quite cathartic writing all of this down, even if it doesn't actually fix any of my problems - and at the same time sad, because instead of people I'm supposedly close to I'm venting to complete strangers on this subreddit. Oh well.

Have a nice day everyone!

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