Are they unique ways to pray/give thanks to God that display a more extraordinary sense of thanks and appreciation?

Because I don't follow the basic fundamental aspect of Christianity in believing Christ is one with the father. I believe he was a historical figure. But I don't know what level of the spiritual plane he's come from, I don't know if he was just a wise man with a deep relationship with God, if he was a great angel of one of the highest orders or if he is one with God. Maybe he is one with God and is God? Maybe he is a powerful figure like Enoch or someone else from deep history? The fact of the matter is that it is embedded in the human spirit to believe in a higher power(s). I intuit that as purposeful. Whereas, to do so with Christ specifically is not. Although I've read the Bible in its entirety, I do not have the historical knowledge, knowledge of lingual nuance, and cultural context to make any determinations about Christ beyond the fact he had a deep relationship with God regardless of whatever level of the spiritual plane (hierarchy) he is from. I have a deep admiration for him and respect but does not rise to the level of worship. I promise I am not trying to be edgy or academic. This is just my simple formulation of things.

I can articulate that position better, but it's my preference not to turn this into a long discussion because I'd like the focus of the thread to be on my main questions.

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