Are virtual relationships a good way to explore non-monogamy for the more uncertain/shy among us, and if so, what are suggested ways of getting into those arrangements?

I actually got my first taste of how poly relationships work through LRDs and they did help me open my mind and work on my emotional issues. Thing is, I'm fine with either monogamous or poly relationships so when I met someone in my own city I had to give up my LDRs in order to pursue that closer person that was monogamous.

At the time I desperately needed physical affection and after two months of not talking to this closer person because I didn't want to chose them over my LDR partners my mental health took a huge hit and I eventually did what I didn't want to do and chose closer and mono over my other two partners. I handled it pretty bad honestly but now I'm in a better place.

Right now I beware from starting anything long distance because of the possibility of this happening again. I don't want to hurt people out of pure selfishness. So, if you're like me, this is probably an aspect to keep in mind. Even if it's ''just'' an LDR you can still hurt people that genuinely love you (and be hurt in return) and with the right people LDRs can be extremely fulfilling even if you never get to touch each other. If you're strictly poly though it's less complicated.

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