Why are World Financial Group zombies so present in the Bay Area and why does anyone fall for that lousy shit?

Here's a really great review from somebody on glassdoor who dodged the bullet basically. I like it because it shows how having a strong character and personal ethics can protect you and the people you care about.

Was all for working this business and was basically on board with everything-- I liked the energy, earning potential and mostly the opportunity to help others. Except one setback/red flag presented itself to me... although I was interested in moving forward after joining and watching the presentation (in that order because I trust my aunt's judgment) I was told I couldn't work part-time if I didn't list 25 people I knew, I resisted this because I was not trained, informed and confident in the opportunity. I would not reach out to anyone I knew until I was. I then was told I HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR SYSTEM or I won't be successful and that's how the system works. Which basically tells me, I have to blindly recruit my family and friends and rely on other people to train them and me at the same time. Although I'm young, I've been working on education myself before making decisions that could effect my future, basically I'm trying to think more long term. I read the review on this app that someone at WFG had said "you have to burn bridges to make it in business" I saw that mentality right away myself but that quote sums it up quite well... truthfully, those relationships are far more important than the few recruits I'd find from pushing my family to join something I'm not well informed myself. Burning bridges is not the road to success and although I see potential in their structure, I cannot invest my time and resources into a business that's not willing to educate me before trying to take from my network. In no way will I ever just pitch an opportunity to the people I value without first being fully invested in it to begin with myself. I wish everyone at WFG success and hope that there are better opportunities for training for other new recruits. But for now... I'll have to pass.

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