Are you worried about Game 7?

Same. This isn't a series like the Bucks Finals one where 3 of our 4 losses were close and swings going our way instead of theirs at any time during the game would have led to a different outcome, which is thus a series worth being sad about.

If we lose this series, we absolutely blew it while at the same time the Mavs would have earned it by holding serve at home and having won a Game 7 on the road. A team like the Suns you should reasonably expect to win at least once on the road, but if we do lose this series we wouldn't have even put nearly a good enough effort to be able to win on the road, which is on us over anything.

Not worth being too down if we do lose this series because in the end, we didn't deserve to go through. Our stars - notably CP3 - failed in this series if we end up losing. Frustrating yes but it is what it is, unlike losing a close one like the Bucks.

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