Arena Tactics - Immortal Knight Garland

I think using the abnormal status (Ailments/Charm/Stop) is quite old and not effective sometimes.

Personally, Just Chain & Clap.

I'm aware you talk about GL side but let me share my JP.

My Arena Team

Team A:

  • 4 Units have 100% resist to Ailments/Charm/Stop and Ayaka plus on Death resist.

  • Everyone 18K HP+, also MP refresh 100+. Even MP was drained to zero, next turn can use a full W/T-Cast.

  • The 5th unit(bonus) Just equip Edel' STM (stop resist).

Team B: Chain, That's it.

Another move is using Seifer LB (use Regis and Bart gives LB)

Inflict death (90%) or deal physical damage (48x) to all enemies

Good, but still not enough.

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