Arena Wars Sponsorship tiers?

How many AP are needed to get the highest teir in arena wars? (Teir 1000)

If it takes 50 AP to level from 1 to 2, and an another 10 AP for every additional level (Lvl 1-50 AP; Lvl 2-60 AP; Lvl 3-70 AP...)

Then we are essentially looking at the classic 1+2+3+4... Equation.⋯ but with a couple little tweaks.

( (1+2+3+4...1005)x10)-( (1+2+3+4)x10)

From our link we know we can plug 1005 into (n(n+1))÷2

(1005(1005+1))÷2=505,515 Multiplied by ten is 5,055,150 Subtract 100 because we are dropping the sum of (1+2+3+4)x10 and you get 5,055,050

TLDR; if i did my math right it takes 5,055,050 AP to get to the max teir in Arena wars.

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