Why Aren't Canadians Having More Kids?

7.9 billion people is enough people sharing the planet already. Those who are here now are in need of a safe space to live. Better to share what this country can offer with as many as possible than to continue overpopulating this burning earth.

Though your question presupposes a definition of "we" that I'm not really onboard with. I work with newcomers everyday, and if they consider themselves Canadian, so do I, level 4 English and oath to the Queen be damned.

Also, there are plenty of children being born here, and too many of them are born into precarity. The goal should be making the world better for them - not just continuing to "be fruitful and multiply."

We need to change our cultures and stop trying to compete for resources like predators. Humane is a great word, and it should always be a person's aspiration when, faced with a choice, to do the humane thing.

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