They aren't even trying to hide it: An antisemitic rant by Joseph Goebbels, literal Nazi propaganda, is upvoted to the top of Q's official voat board. Currently sitting at +200 and 97% upvotes.

1 Have you ever looked at photos/footage of the Holocaust and read the stories of the people who were murdered? Do you choose not to feel empathy for these people?

these photos you speak of were more often than not, photographs of sufferers of typhus, a disease that ravaged Germany near the end of the war, and was the primary cause of death in the camps, not the gas showers or ovens. Do i feel sympathy for those who died in camps regardless? of course. i am not a demon. but you have to understand what those camps were actually for and what they were like before the typhus epidemic.

  1. Have you ever really known a person of the races you claim to hate? Like had extended relationships and conversations with them.

I never claimed to hate any race. I am a racialist, not a racist, and not a white supremacist. to be a racialist (contrary to google's new definition of the word, which is equated to racism) is to acknowledge genetic and physiological differences between the races. a racist takes it a step further and categorizes the races according to a hierarchy.

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