Why aren't Pakistanis allowed in the IPL?

Well Indians think Pakistan is the enemy because:

  1. There have been numerous terrorist attacks carried out by Pakistani nationals on Indian soil. They even caught Ajmal Kasab, the infamous terrorist from the Mumbai attacks. Tell me one instance of an Indian national entering Pakistan and killing your people. I understand even Pakistanis face internal terrorism but it isn't caused by India. First kill the snake in your own backyard before hating the neighbor.

  2. Indian Government gave proof regarding various terror suspects being located in Pakistan but Pakistan simply dismisses the proof and refuses to hand over terrorists.

  3. You mention every piece of literature you read in schools portrayed India as the enemy. Please take time out to read Indian school books and you won't find any propaganda against Pakistan besides the usual coverage in History of major wars we fought over the years. These are covered in a few chapters.

  4. Yeah there are some Indian idiots posting stupid comments on youtube videos about Pakistan but if you actually visit India you will realize that nobody really gives a shit about what Pakistan does as a country unless it involves India directly such as news of border cross fire.

Dub India as the enemy if India send home grown terrorists on your soil and kills your brothers or wages mindless wars with your country. For now, please focus on removing the terror groups from Pakistan and getting economic reforms so that your children will have a better environment to live in. Ultimately Indians and Pakistanis were one nation since thousands of years and we share a lot of culture and habits and therefore I hope there is true peace someday.

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