Argentina Annual Inflation Hits 99%, Surpassing Expectations

I am Argentinean. The situation sucks, the government is completely inefficient and there are no viable candidates for these next elections in 2023, they are all "Known Faces". The dollar issue is complex, we have more than 10 different types of dollar, "Dólar blue", "Dólar oficial", "Dolar tecnologia", "Dólar Qatar" among others, the way it works is to "Evade" the monthly dollar purchase limit ($ 200 dollars per tax person). The true price of the dollar currently is: $380 ($1 Argentine pesos = $380 US dollars). I don't know how to explain this but I will give some facts.

  1. There is no "Official Dollar" although I name it above, all transactions are made in "Blue" (of course with conversion).

  2. It is practically impossible to get dollars "Legally" because banks only sell you the limit I mentioned before "$200". This is fine for the "Common" person but for large or small companies, it is torture. All transfers that are "Out of the country" are in dollars.

  3. Earlier I talked about "Out of Country Transfers". Yes, but... many that are "inside the country" also have to be made in dollars. I am talking about buying a house or a car or a motorcycle, if or if in dollars. And I emphasize that it is very difficult to get them.

  4. Some bills are not accepted. Only $100 bills are accepted and within this there is one more detail, "small face" dollars are not accepted. The "small face" dollars are those issued before 1996.

  5. Lately there is talk of making a currency with Brazil "South" would be called. On the other hand, there is also talk of "Dolarizing", which means adopting the Dollar as the only currency, that is, abandoning the "Argentine Peso". Both situations are possible, we have to wait to know which one will be done.

I am probably forgetting a lot of things. I want to apologize for my bad English, I know it must be a disaster, sorry for that.

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