Argentina. What kind of spider is this? Is it dangerous for people or pets?


It has power. You might think you need it. It makes you think that you can do lots of things. If a tree would know it could become something better it would think in a certain way. It would do anything for it. Money is so overwhelmingly tempting and attractive when it promises you endless possibilities the only problem is how much you have. Let's say that what you can get is not as good as what you need and for different causes you allow yourself to remain in a mindset that you need greed maybe because others are doing that or as i think because you have a chance to make such mistake. Without possibility or chance everything changes. You are not depending on it anymore. And you can be free from any need what is not needed. Money is also good so to say that everything bad can have good in it maybe just a little and everything good can have bad in it even a lot. Money is good for things that are needed. It maybe just food cheap expensive it does not matter. As long as you have exchanged it for that what you need you find yourself free from any thing that can and does distract you from being enough yes it creates problems such as you might be a little uncomfortable or limited but it is just a small problem that you can solve or live with. I would say that it is a bad thing about living without money. But in fact it is a sacrifice or a change of the way things are just an effort to step up to a higher sense or reality. It may be simple when you know it but yet hard to realise it. But what do you do when you are there without money. Limited. You think and discover what you need.


There are good and bad things in life that can influence you. There may be dangerous things which can be useless and illogical but it is not a bad thing to discover them as you should learn and see the reality of the way they are not the way they look or can be. Discovery is the most important thing in life. You may be limited to discover but it is limitless as it has all the things that are were and could be combined. Also it has things that are not never were and never will be. It is a universe we know and beyond. The bad thing and yes it can be bad no matter that it is greatest is that it can be limited when you are not able to go further grow bigger. Evolve. You can be so limited that you stay in same ideas or a state of no ideas when the same old ones are not interesting. And how can you be interested in something that is the same known. You may discover something good. You may discover problems.


Problems can be solvable and unsolvable. The thing is that you have to solve them and in a way solvable problems can be solvable and unsolvable solvable. It's really how you look at them and how good you know them. We may have a problem that is causing us to feel very bad but unless you realise that you can use it to see how you can actually adapt and change the way you react and behave about it. The reality is that when you are wise enough and strong enough you can become not affected by it as you allow it to be what really means that the real problem in fact is in you. For example if you are weak a lot of things can be or seem hard. The main thing is that you have to become better than the problem itself. You don't have to be a part of the problem. Don't solve it if you can't so you will just be playing with fire that it may become stronger or different what creates it bigger by being what it was and what it becomes. And it can go on forever. Biggest problem is that we discover great things but we never discover the discovering itself. We become focused on same things rather that to keep evolving. We may think it is enough, that there are nothing else to discover, it is not true. If the way life is at the moment limited it does not mean it really is. We are powerful beyond our understanding.


We think that it is ok to go with whatever. We offend and lower our self value and value of others when we act unnatural or in some bad way. We use others and let ourselves be used by others. We don't care so much that we do it all the time and probably we feel bad but we kind of have accepted it as a normal behaviour. We have to become free and natural again or for a first time ever. I myself think that i am great and i even can be greater and i don't have to be less or nothing. So when you go to a shop it is weird right, guards and all the uncomfortable contact with people. So stop going, don't depend on it. Get what you need and leave it. You are not that wanted there anyway. There is a tiny value of the people in this time, but really we can be better. It personally offends me that others are of low quality and that i depend on this reality of problematic present and future for me and for others. I'm not trying to free myself from the need to do something useful. I'm just in a position to understand and realise the worst and the best in this time and make progress. Lets call this movement of thoughts and realisation valerijs porubovs. At least by this way i can justify or repay all the bad i have caused to anyone or anything. And being thankful of all good that has happened to me and to what others have done for me with or without cause.

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