Argentina's highest court has approved the extradition of a former FEMA spokesman who claims the U.S. government helped frame him for murder because a video he took of Ground Zero after the 2001 terrorist attacks proves U.S. complicity

I have no idea wtf this is you wrote.

How? Did you not say this earlier ... :

And additionally, nobody with an education believed that was going to happen except during the Cuban Missile Crisis, only the military industrial complex did because it pushed their wealth and power to unseen levels.

... that "no one with an education thought that anything to do with the Cold War, outside of the Cuban Missile Crisis, was really a threat? Yes, you did. So, don;t act like you con't fathom what I'm on about here.

Are you denying the actions during such operations like COINTELPRO?

Take off your tinfoil hat. All countries engage in counter intelligence programs. All of them.

I am talking about operations against Americans and in America, and you go on about countries like Cuba and East Germany, for no reason but false equivalence.

You're accusing any and all actions taken against US citizens as being unlawful and, again, claiming that you made no mention of the Cold War in general. Which I've already established is not the case. You most certainly did make that sweeping generalisation; seemingly founded on an outrageous amount of ignorance.

Get out of the basement? stop pushing uneducated propaganda and calling yourself an expert if you barely have a high school diploma, and your obvious bias supporting the military industrial complex.

I in my late 60s, son. I've been there and done that. I fought all over southern Africa and know, first hand, who we were fighting against and why, Moreover, I'm positive that my knowledge o the matter far and away exceeds yours based wholly on your childish ideas around the political atmosphere globally in the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

Past all of that, the fact that I am aware of this doesn't make me a supporter of anything. So, yes, again I say, "Get out of your basement". And, while you're at it, learn to recognise when you've been beaten.

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