Argon MK3 vs High End

I love punchiness and impact along with nice warmish and full sound that is clean and not dull. Only planar that has done this for me is the Argon Mk3... All the Audezes I've tried (LCD-2 and LCD-MX4 mainly), the HE4XX, the ZMF Ori, the MrSpeakers Aeon, Monoprice M1060 simply haven't done what the Argon does.

Planars generally have fast transient speed, so I don't understand this. I find that planars are more punchy and hard-hitting than dynamics, even bio-cellulose drivers found in TH-X00 Ebony and Auteur. Are you maybe talking about dynamics? I've numerous times heard that this is a typical weakness of planars. Could it be both the dynamics and elevated bass in Argon? I'm just genuinely curious about what 'punchy' and 'impact' mean to people.

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