Argonian vs nord

Argonian tanks have their sustain through the resourceful passive (still pretty good even after the nerf) but I have a good feeling it’ll become second or third in race simply because of Stonekeeper monster set which does the same thing but better, faster and while blocking.

Nord tanks will get the most important bonus ever: Ultimate generation. On a DK this is great, very great. On say a warden? Well it’s also great, Wardens already have amazing ult gen so giving them even more is lovely. It’s all about that ult gen son!

What about imperial? Imperials will restore resources from attacking and have a 3% reduction cost all around. This is good and I personally think it will push past argonian. Imperials also have their health bonuses which is really nice.

These are my personal thoughts as for my tank that I’m still quite new to.

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