I Argue/Agree.....

OKC would of won a championship if they paid the lux tax and kept Harden.

Argue. They couldn't beat the Heat when they had him, and the Spurs along with the rest of the WC improved vastly after the 2012 finals. I think coaching is a bigger issue than talent.

Bucks will be a top 5 East team next 3-4 years.

If Larry Sanders stays and stops being crazy, agree. The East is still pretty weak, they'll have Jabari back soon, Giannis is good and Brandon Knight has come into his own. I don't think them being a top 5 EC team in 4 years is out of the question at all.

Lakers won’t win until Kobe retires.

Lakers won't win what? A championship? Obviously they won't, unless he somehow re-signs for massively less than he did last time, and convinces multiple star players to come to the Lakers.

If GSW stay healthy they will win a championship within 3 years.

I think they have a good shot but the WC is incredibly difficult. If GSW were in the East, I'd say definitely yes.

Wolves won’t make the playoffs anytime soon.

I think they're on the same track as the Bucks and Sixers, so I guess this depends on whether you consider 3-4 or 5 years from now to be "not anytime soon".

Dwight Howard isn’t a top 5 big man.

This is objectively false. Unless you're ignoring his defensive impact, it's impossible to reasonably argue this. You could still put up a decent argument that he's the best center in the league.

Miami is going to be a one and done playoff team.

Agree. I'm not even sure they have the health to make the playoffs this year, let alone win a series.

Derek Rose is no longer a top player and will never be again.

Disagree, if he can improve his shooting. He needs to in order to make up for the fact that his slashing will probably never be quite at the level it once was.

Magic starting 5 of Payton Dipo Harris Frye and Vuc have the most potential of an up and coming young starters.

I obviously think the Sixers do. Many people think Embiid is the best big man prospect since Duncan, which I think gives us the edge. They have significantly more backcourt potential at the moment, though.

Phillys rebuilding plan won’t work.

Disagree but there's no way of knowing this right now. It certainly has the potential to work. I support the plan regardless of whether it pans out the way we're envisioning.

Anthony Davis will leave NO.

Disagree. I think it would take a KG/Lebron type situation where he completely carries the team for many years and they just never give him good enough teammates/coaching.

Beal/Wall will be an unguardable backcourt.

Disagree. I think they'll be one of the best backcourts in the league, in due time, but I don't think Wall (as great as he is and will be) will ever be a good enough shooter to call them "unguardable". That certainly doesn't mean they'll be easy to stop, however. Lebron wasn't easy to stop even when he couldn't shoot as well as he does now.

The next spurs big 3 are Danny Green/Kawhi/Patty Mills for next decade.

Neither Green nor Mills has enough talent to be part of a Big 3 and if Kawhi is part of a Big 3 he will probably be the 2nd best player in the group, at best.

DMC will be next year all NBA 1st team Center.

If he steps up the defensive a little more, stays healthy and the Kings play as well as they did before he was out this year, yes.

David Blatt will be fired after this season.

I honestly think most of the media frenzy surrounding Blatt is complete bullshit. I doubt he's going anywhere. Disagree.

Scott Brooks will be fired next season.

Disagree. I guess it's not out of the question, but the players adore him and the FO has shown a lot of committment to him. I also think the injuries this season have somewhat given him a free pass. He might be on the hotseat if none of the injuries happened and OKC didn't make the conference finals.

Lillard will be top 3 MVP voting next year.

Disagree unless he improves his defense and passing. His defense is slightly improved this year, but still bad and actually has been worse than Steph from what I've seen.

Hawks will be ECF team next few years.

Agree. They have great core, a good FO, and fantastic coaching. I could see them losing in the second round against certain teams though.

Hornet’s won’t make the playoffs as long as Lance is on the team.

Agree. I don't really think they're playoff bound either way, as they've regressed a ton from being an 8-seed last season, but I also don't think Lance will be on the team long enough for this question to be of much significance.

Raptors are one starter away from being a Finals Contender.

This seems kind of meaningless. They would obviously need a particular type of player in order to make them a finals contender. You couldn't just add Nerlens Noel to the team and expect them to contend for a championship. But if you added someone like Korver or Brad Beal, they'd be looking a lot more legit, still not sure they'd be in the finals though. I don't think they are definitively on good starter away from the finals.

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