This argument is just a joke... right?

But why would you want someone like “Jenny” (I assume you picture her as an irresponsible and heartless person who spends her life partying?) be the person something as helpless and fragile as a baby or foetus has to depend on? I get that you don’t care about her and want her punished but do you realise what situation the potential baby would be in? Would someone like Jenny suddenly start living healthy and focus on caring for it after she was denied an abortion? Newborns are completely reliant on their primal caregiver, they need to be fed, they need to be cleaned, they need unconditional love and care and protection from stress to build a healthy nervous system and psyche and be able to live a healthy, happy life.

Giving it up for adoption is not such a great solution either; there are so many ways to ruin someone’s mental and/or physical health before they are even born, especially if you don’t care about or even hate them. And even if Jenny cared and tried her best, there’s a high chance the stress of her being involuntarily pregnant will cause the baby to have cPTBS. Which can f up your whole life. Many kids don’t make it out of the foster system anyway.

Some of the most passionate advocates for pro-choice I know are women who already had a baby or more (by choice). They say the physical and mental stress of pregnancy and birth was hard for them even though they really wanted a baby. And that they wouldn’t want anyone to have to go though that by force, it would be torture.

A baby shouldn’t be born as a punishment. Especially not to someone who is obviously already troubled and needs help to get an track and not more problems and trauma. The goal should be to make abortions unnecessary; but making them illegal is not the way to do that. This is a huge structural problem that requires long-term solutions and changes and won’t be solved by simply forcing women and their children to go through traumatic experiences. That only creates more broken people in a broken system (which, in turn, causes more situations that lead to abortions).

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