Ariana Grande Reportedly Offers To Cover Funeral Costs Of Manchester Attack Victims

The fuck? I praised this guy for his good nature. That's half the battle. I never once tried to detract from what he did. At the same time it's possible to do a lot better than he did. Cross a little knowledge with a heart like his and things at the first responder level get a lot better. I don't know why I'm receiving such hate from people like yourself. I really don't get it. If your own child was one among the injured then wouldn't you want the first resonders to be as well-educated as possible? Wouldn't you want them to have some kind of familiarity with fragmentary suicide attacks and the best way to deal with survivors? That's all I'm trying to talk about here. I honestly have no idea why I'm suddenly on the receiving end of attacks from people like yourself when I'm trying to share what I know and congratulating this man for his humanity at the same time. I think the problem must be with you.

How socially inept are you? Like seriously. Are you that devoid of social norms?

Not everything needs to be completely broken down with flaws pointed out, sometimes you can just leave a good story alone without pointing out "the better way to handle the situation" in order to make yourself feel validated and more intelligent; because you can say all you want that you hope to "educate people", but you only wrote that to make yourself feel intelligent.

Yes, I'm sure there are much more medically proficient ways to remove nails from a girl's skull than having them pulled out by a homeless guys hands, but that's not the point of this story. The point of this story is that, while true evil brought these acts to light, the good of humanity was also highlighted; the guy you're criticizing represents the best of society.

You criticizing his actions is the equivalent of visiting someone in the hospital after they survive a horrific car accident, but instead of being happy they're alive and reveling in the good, you take that time to criticize them for their poor driving skills.

There's a time and a place for "advice". In a thread highlighting people who risked their lives in a way most other wouldn't, it's not the "time or place" for your "tips".

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