Arizona lawmaker: Immigrants represent 'threat' to U.S. due to lack of 'white kids'

Is anybody making a list of Nazi's that have been hiding in govt and are now coming out of the closet?

I have STEVE KING - R - Iowa and now DAVID STRINGER - R - Arizona = NAZI PIECES OF SHIT.

Lets just end these guys political careers.

Lets go to where their wives work and have a HUGE protest. Lets go to where their children go to school/work and protest. Lets go to their homes and wake up the neighbors and protest. We should be hounding them all day and all night until they resign. Businesses need to be shut down, feelings need to be hurt.

But no. Nobody is going to do any of that. A new America is coming and no amount internet outrage, MEMEs, Samantha Bee/Daily Show clips or wearing "pussy hats" is going to stop it.

YOU PEOPLE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. Now you are going to have to live with it. This is your fault.

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