Arizona woman who destroyed Target mask display has some regrets, she says

Some interesting things that i found.

  1. She wanted to run for governor of Arizona. There is a 40+ min live podcoast interview and some weird instagram press conferences.
  2. there are a lot of videos on the web of her in July showing a clear prolonged unchecked manic episode. One of particular interest shows her yelling at people in target to remove their masks, and retrieving a crystal and nazi gold.

With that said i do believe she was having a bi-polar manic episode. Rather than dumping on her character it is important to understand that people do not have the same rationalization of a normal healthy functioning adult. Manic episodes can be accompanied with delusions, hallucinations, and a total disconnect from reality. They also lose the "filter" that many of us have that stop us from behaving in a socially unacceptable manner.

It might be important to point out that this person real life example of mental decline that could have been brought on by the stress of a pandemic. This behavior hasn't been documented very much over the course of this. This is unfortunate but it is also a good example if you watch her videos.

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