Ark Survival Evolved Unofficial/Private Server list - Recruit here! (Part 2)

[NY/US East Coast] The Vikings of Ellohime – Hosted by uHostPro! | 24/7 Up-Time | Active Admins | PVPVE | Max Difficulty | FRESHLY WIPED (7/28/2015)

Ellohime will be participating in the first ever “Survival of the Fittest”, 35 team PVP match! Show your support by checking it out Saturday, August 1st on or at 12pm PST! For more information, check out

We’re looking to expand upon an already dedicated community! The Vikings of Ellohime server has been around since the release of ARK, with a low latency, 70 player server provided by uHostPro!

If you’re looking for a great server, minus the greifing and cheaters, look no further! With active admins, The Vikings of Ellohime is committed to providing an experience that tailors to every player.

Server Settings: * 2x Tame Speed * Max Player and Dinosaur Levels Available * Third-Person Enabled * Crosshairs Disabled * Downloads Disabled * Player Map Location Disabled


A Teamspeak server provided by uHostPro is also available to players on the server! Ask an admin in-game for the server details!

Rules: * Don’t Kill Fresh Spawns * RP is encouraged, but not required * ZERO *greifing policy * No racism, real life threats or harassment will be tolerated * Don’t kill passive dinosaurs (accidents happen, but if they’re passive, they’re not a threat) * Raiding IS allowed

*Greifing includes the repeated destruction of a particular player’s base and/or dinosaurs. Raiding is perfectly acceptable, but raiding the same person repeatedly and destroying all their property is not.

Connection Instructions:

1)Open a “Run” command 2)In the Run line, type: steam://connect/ 3)Click “Ok” If this doesn’t work, you can search for the server name in the in-game browser

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