Armani - Day and Nite [Trap/R&B]


Born in the freezing winter on 1989 Aleksandar Gvozdic. Raised in Krajina in a town called Petrinja. His parents were never really around for his childhood years do to his father being in the war and his mother working to support the family, he was mostly with his grandmother.

In 1995 do to war they moved to Pristina, Kosovo, where he lived for 3 years until war was starting again and since being claimed as immigrants from 95' war they moved to USA in Sept. 23rd of 98'. Not knowing English, not having any friends only thing he could relate to is music, and since it was hard to get music from his own country back then, he mostly listened to rappers such as Tupac,Nas and Snoop Dogg. Other artists from other genres of music influenced him as well such as Bob Marley,Nirvana, and many more non-hip hop artists.

Living in dirty south A-T-L in the projects his parents knew people in North, Newark DE. That's where they moved in 2000. He started hanging out with alot of American kids and got used to the lifestyle. Doing this music was never about who likes it who doesn't, it's more about the artists venting, telling his perspective of things, and people relating to it.

Armani is also the name of a Italian fashion company. Read more on 597 listeners, 2,633 plays
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