(Armchair Psychology) The reason for Tony Ferguson's relentless pressure and insane will to win - he was bullied and ostracized as a kid.

This isn't MMA media it's shitty fan fiction.

Tony got picked on as a kid just like everybody else got picked on as a kid. But he wasn't stuffed in garbage cans. He played baseball, football, and wrestled in high school. Went all state in wrestling 3 times and won a state championship on his football team. So idk where OP is getting the idea that he's "the guy nobody expects to win and he's grown so comfortable with that that it's part of his identity."

Getting bullied doesn't turn you into an elite fighter. You can tell from how hard he hits that Tony was always an athlete. A lot of athleticism is genetic.

Little did the bullies know what they were helping create. He came out of that trashcan El Cucuy.

Jesus Christ OP. You were probably bullied and stuffed in lockers as a kid and its showing.

If you wanna write up a report on someone's internal dialogue, psyche, and life story you should at least read their wikipedia first.

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