Armed & Unarmed CQC Based-LITRPG

I think at some point there's a bit of a clash of looking for realistic fights with fantasy. Mental preparation is a huge part of actual self-defense, and in most cases, you are better off preventing the engagement or, if forced, engaging on terms that you set as much as possible. So having someone constantly get into life-death situations is the antithesis of what a realistic fighter would do. Even the world's greatest fighters/self-defense experts are not entering high-stakes fights multiple times a day continually for long periods of time.

I don't think you can be a realistic fighter without being rational and self-preserving, so to me it's always clashing. Like you'd be advised to just escape in 99% of those situations even if there's the 50% chance to survive and get 1% stronger. Like I can't accept that a fighter who is rational enough to be super-competent would make such choices, and then the story is lost for me. I don't see how a fight can be realistic without having a realistic mindset to go with it. So I end up enjoying silly dragonball fights better where I can just go "it's fantasy, who cares".

That's just my opinion.

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