Armed Black Panthers show up to the neighbourhood of the two men who lynched black man Ahmaud Arbery

Tried in the court of public opinion, no due process and sentenced to death by the outraged masses of social media warriors who have seen 1/16th of the entire event. There are a lot of issues with this case that need to be evaluated which is why we have a justice system and are tried by juries of our peers. Who jogs in heavy cargo shorts? Who charges a man with a firearm when it would be easier to run to the right and yell for help? I’m not saying these men are innocent or the victim was in the wrong. What I am saying is people on social media are not the police, not the courts, they have a massive lack of evidence and are in no way able to make any judgment based on what little public information is available in this case. Jumping to conclusions this early usually results in egg on your face.

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