Armenia marks First Republic Day

Ok, I agree with your other comments about culture that some of us disagree with, not historically, but because of Soviet times definitely current cultural norms, specifically eastern Armenians (excluding in Iran), because as already pointed out, those Soviet influences don't exist among Western Armenians. We lived among each other, my mother even visited Baku when she was younger and, probably because of Soviet propaganda, only the oldest people among Armenians and Azerbaijanis were aware that there was any bloodshed between us two. Generally, people in Armenia, Gerogia and Azerbaijan have a lot of cultural similarities because of those times. But you can't possibly claim Armenia's political situation is the same as Azerbaijan's just for the mere fact that there is an actual personal cult around Aliyev like there is in Kazkhstan or Belarus. If they hung up Serj Sargsyan's picture on walls it'd be vandalized and down within a day with how much he's blamed for everything lol. It definitely is an oligarchy, we got guys like Gagik Tsarukyan, Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Raffi Hovannisyan with a lot of power in Armenia, on every election, claiming there was fraud or trying to overthrow Serj Sargsyan with coups, yet they've been around since 10-20 years, not in jail like they would've been in Azerbaijan where Aliyev wins by 70% and every other party has at most 2% or Aliyev's wife is voted into parliament by 93%. Yes, shady stuff like shootings still happens once every like 10 years because Serj Sargsyan is trying to increase his power, but that's the key, he doesn't actually have all the power. Just the fact that Aliyev's father reigned until death and since then his son has reigned non-stop is enough proof, he's basically Sultan of Azerbaijan and his family controls everything. Like already said, we don't deny our country isn't the most democratic, but Azerbaijan is just objectively less democratic than Armenia.

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