In the Arms of an Angel: A Guide to Romancing Tristian

Hey, I thought I should throw in something for those of you wish you had an angel for one moment of love.

Hidden in your player.json file are values that correspond to your approval with people you can romance. This is kinda important if you don't spend all your time praising the sun with Tristian.

df3e23cf9f4305b4cbed17d5fb95209c - Tristian romance counter

BUT WAIT, there's a catch. Every romance has an upper limit threshold, the next number I'm showing. This is a ceiling for the amount of approval you can get for a companion. Once you hit this point, you need to trigger a scene to go into the next phase (I'm sorry, I don't know what Tristian's phases are. I think chapter 3 has one of them as a story event) However, until you hit the next phase, approval points for praising the sun go into the abyss.

Because of this, you should be careful how quickly you do sidequests.

741f9fdc26dbbe44ca200371a83f90b1 - Tristian upper cutoff

This last value is a threshold you can't fall below. it's also in player.json

83fde162f86bc70459dc20b797c7caee - Tristian lower cutoff

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