This is the army we want?

sure there is increase of communal rifts but, do you really think that the 280+ million Muslims (we have the third highest population of them), are all weak, heavily persecuted weaklings? bro please. y'all will label anything as a genocide. this is not a genocide, because if it was then privileged, unprivileged, all classes would have been physically affected probably even kicked out. That isn't happening, probably will never, due to the huge "minority" influence over the country . Moreover, I never said Hindus are weak.

victims of state sponsored genocide.

a country not wanting illegal squatters in their country is genocide, right. Agreed, the way how the government is dealing with these illegals is not the best, but something has to be done.

Other thank this, constitutionally (law book), there is no anti-muslim rhetoric as of now. An example of constitutional and legal "genocide" of a minority will be of Pakistan, where under there laws, they have barred Hindus (and other minorities) from empowering themselves, or an example of Bangladesh, where a true ethnic cleansing of Hindus happens of varying extent.

las of all, having point of views and opinions of many parties is always better, otherwise one may become a blind prejudiced person. Perfectly alright for firangis to talk about extremist Muslims and Hindus.

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