Army officer Disqualifications

So here’s the thing. A person I heard about once got diagnosed with something that was flat out wrong. They wondered about it and never said anything to MEPs. Their civilian medical records were never disclosed to the military. They allegedly served out their entire contract without a problem due to that issue.

There was another person who was diagnosed with something that was real. They also never said anything. The real issue came out during basic. They were immediately discharged.

Your thing was a voluntary admission. Only documentation you elect to provide the military will be in your records. If it was a defect that affected your ability to perform the job and you failed to disclose it, they would eventually find out about that. Your problem does not seem like that particular issue.

You could choose to let them know, and it would probably either be a no, yes, or maybe with waiver. You could also justify it internally and take a different route.

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