US Army PFC LaVena Johnson (1985 - 2005) found dead in a tent on JBB, Iraq. The circumstances of her death are extremely suspicious, she deserves to be remembered and her family deserves peace.

-She's not wearing gloves "glued" to her hands in any of the scene photos (Soldiers told CID they attempted to move her out of the tent because it was on fire, and moved the rifle, too). Look at Johnson's remains, she's in her PT uniform:

-Nobody said she was burning herself there in the tent. Nobody has described the extent of said burns. She WAS diagnosed with some form of genital warts, of which chemical solutions can be used.

-The M16 isn't 40" from muzzle to trigger. It is 40" from muzzle to buttstock, and... 28" muzzle to trigger (something like that.

-St Louis ME examined the body. Cold Case Research Institute examined the case (for three years!). They didn't find anything inconsistent with suicide.

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