/Army Recruiter Thread August 2020

Hey all

I've been in contact with different people recently that have sparked an interest in me towards rejoining the army through the reserves.

I joined the reserves in 04 as motor t and left active duty as an intel O in 2014.

I'm unfamiliar with reserve processes and whether or not I can even rejoin, but I'm told the army is hurting for prior service right now... and truth be told, holding an active clearance would really help me reach some goals in my civilian career. It sucks having a resume with all the experience everyone wants but being denied positions because I don't have that access.

I don't mind traveling for drill-- one of my marine buddies goes down to miramar for drill even though he's living in Wisconsin. I get the feeling all of the recruiters around here are used to filling local positions or ARG slots... and all of my former contacts are specifically enlisted recruiters and can't answer to my situation.

I wouldn't mind ARG except I have applications out to other government agencies that I'd hate to miss out on because I just signed a contract to work in Jefferson City MO for 4 years.

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