Army Wants Homosexuality, Adultery To Remain Punishable Offences: Report

Oh please! Such old wiser men if had their ways, wouldn't allow certain castes or certain religion to be in the army. And such conversations are the norm at all events which are aplenty in the forces. These men do not spare fellow officers wives with their perverted gazes or even their juniors.

All kinds of vices exist in the brass. What a person does in his private life is least of their concerns. If these people really wanted to improve the morale of the cadre or avoid disciplinary issues they would look at buddy system or corruption of rations or the widespread abuse of jawans by officers.

Homosexuality, women or adultery are problems of our own creation. We choose to look at these points and rather gloss over issues like suicide epidemic amongst jawans and corruption amongst officers.

The truth is these people are afraid of change. I don't want to get in depth of the issues. I will list out later the hundreds of issues plaguing the army.

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