Arrested Tornado Cash developer to stay in jail after appeal rejected: Exclusive

Unpopular opinion: well, kind of. The guy created software, that is suspected to be used mostly to hide traces of money transfers. Do you use it yourself? Do you have a reason to hide your money traces? What would make someone hide their money traces, on an average case? I'm not saying that how it's used is his fault, or he should be charged for it, but it does make you think. Tornado cash it is used for "good" purposes, and it is used for "bad" purposes, but most of the weight seems to go on one of the edges, and you know which one it is.

Another example: I was working for a Forex technological company in the past. We built software that is used by brokers, and then served to their traders. The claim in the company is that we're software providers, and we were. The company never had taken a "side" of the trade - if the trader loses, or wins, it takes commission. But who are the company's clients, which fund the company and let it run? Brokers. How do they operate? In mysterious ways. So sure, I can say "I only built that software, what do I care about how its being used", and I did, but once I got the full picture, I understood that I don't want to be a part of that industry, not even as a software developer.

I don't think that there are "right answers" or "wrong answers" to this topic, but it may be worth thinking about.

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