Arrival of 'Israeli aircraft' in Islamabad?

Why are you so focused on the citizenship?

Well I don't know if you realise this, but it's a pretty major part of living in another country, especially for 40 years.

My father was respected, had a good job .. well paid with many perks.

Yes everyone with a high-skill job is, I have multiple cousins working in Dubai, they aren't doing it for free.

How is citizenship related to respect? Is that all you think respect is?

Like I said, when you spent your life working in that country, making it a better place, you'd expect them to let you retire there.

It's fine if your dad didn't want to, I'm saying even if he did, he wouldn't be allowed to. Unless one of his kids stayed over to work, he'd be deported.

Well unlike many Pakistan was always something we looked forward moving back to. My dad actually resigned but I decided to move to LA.

So if you’re trying figure out whether it was a good decision on behalf of my dad; it was. I don’t think he’d have given us the life anywhere else.

Good/bad decision was never a factor in what I said.

And please I hope citizenship is not all you look for. I’ve been on a green card for 7-8 years I’m clearly eligible for the citizenship and it was never a priority for me or my family.

I've only ever had citizenship in a western country so it's not something I'm looking for, but when you work somewhere for so many decades, then yes, being eligible to receive it is a sign of respect.

You're being very defensive for no reason. I simply said that you didn't receive citizenship and never would, no matter how much "respect" you think they're giving you.

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