Arsenal [2]-1 Leicester City - Aubameyang 63'

It's because he's the super star on the team with the most talent.

I could easily debate this point and point out the faultiness in that argument by comparing it to our other superstars pre-Erdogan fiasco but before I do you should understand that I don't want to waste any more of my time if you're an actual LARPer. You can prove it to me by just typing what you just wrote in German. If you actually spent 5 years in Germany this would be as easy as scooping ice cream. I spent 7.7 months in France and learned French. I spent 2.5 years in Spain and learned Spanish. (I was a bit lazy over there and didn't do my best to assimilate with the culture and you know #siestas). Just ignore this comment if you can't even do that for me because I'll just block you for wasting anymore of my time for pretending to speak German, because if you can admit that'd be pathetic if true.

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