Art is as much about interpretation as it is about intent.

Hmm. How many soul units does the worst peace of art have right now? Since you argued to be art, it needs soul units. How does one measure that, and how does one put soul units into their creations to make it art.

By the way, if you cannot give me a straight answer here, I’m done. You are arguing soul units exists and can be measured, it’s insane I’m even letting you do this.

You sound just like JK Rowling, “a women needs to go through stuff to be a women.” How does one collect and measure these women points, and how many does one need to be a women? Who knows! Just like you and your soul art points.

Lol about your point about how an AI cannot manipulate pixels on a screen. So let me get this straight, skynet exists, but skynet can’t make pixels. Even though we have proof that craiyon CAN make pixels, you are arguing it cannot make pixels.

First of all, why does art need pixels to be art? Again a weird point, a pencil doesn’t make pixels lol. Just another weird moot point from you.

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