Artemis, female characters, and truth in television (a little bit of a rant)

The idea of double standards is no more evil or offensive than the idea of men and women.

All culture constrains human behavior in some way. But we are also individuals and sometimes our culture doesn't let us achieve our potential. Example: All the girls born in china before the revolution were called slaves since their only usefulness was to either be sold or married away; they couldn't own land or carry on the families legacy. So for hundreds of years generations of woman were crammed into a narrow social role. This happened to men too, young men were expected to behave a certain way even if it meant going against their own best wishes. They had to respect their elders (even if those elders were idiots) and could be beaten by the magistrates if they brought a lawful suit against their elders.

It's easy for super-liberated americans to just shrug their shoulders and go, it's just gender, but the only reason who have the ability to break through these social roles was because people pushed hard against them.

A set of different standards and different expectations between men and women.

If those expectations come to damage individuals, so be it then? Obviously not. Like most people you'd revolt against the practice of foot binding, if someone came to your doorstep advocating it you'd push them out. It is easy to recognize a double standard in another culture, but our own culture also limits peoples potentials. We don't have slaves or foot binding, but that doesn't mean expectations shouldn't be questioned.

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