[Article] - Law and Politics in Transitional Justice by Jack Snyder and Leslie Vinjamuri

Your first reply was a link to the FAQ, which as I have said, I already read and followed. Your reply was not just utterly unhelpful, but deliberately so.

it might help if you'd actually read it and follow the instructions. your article has been on libgen for weeks.

Yeah, because this isn't condescension or being rude at all. Have you heard of something called 'passive aggression'?

i don't know what else to tell you. i could give you the link, but it's the whole "teach a man to fish" thing. if you still can't find it, i will send you the link i get when i follow the above instructions.

Yeah, you're totally being helpful here. If by "teach a man to fish" you mean "come across a man trying to learn to fish and simply tell him he's doing it wrong."

Yes, I know what a DOI is; this isn't my first rodeo. Yes, I know it's in the link I provided; that's why I provided that link instead of the SSRN page I found it on which did not feature a DOI. I went to Libgen. Did not find results. Sorry. If I've done something wrong it's certainly not something your duly posted FAQ is helping with. I've tried the query four or five times now, checking every step against your FAQ; still shows either an error message (most of the time) or no results.

i am not being rude. you must have thin skin.

Yeah, and that's totally not rude either. "I'm not being mean, you're just sensitive!" Come on man. You're acting like an obstinate child when the purpose of this sub is to help people.

What's the point of this sub exactly? I thought it was to help people find things they're having trouble finding, not shaming people out of asking for help in the first place. I definitely didn't expect to ask for help and be insulted, much less by a mod.

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