Article calling for Silva-Diaz superfight from May 2014- "But when you consider that Diaz doesn’t lie down for anyone..."

Yes that's what we all look for in champions. There ability to move away and neutralize. Damn what are Aldo and Jones and Weidman and Dillishaw and Ronda and Cain and Johnson and Pettis doing. They could be the GOAT if all they did was do just enough to win on the scorecards. GTFO with that. He beat Diaz by takedown after takedown after takedown until Diaz decided to stop them. Diaz arguably won 2 rounds against a roided up Silva at 185 while GSP spent the later part of his career avoiding the fight. He even said Diaz made a huge mistake taking the fight at 185 because Silva would be too big. GSP was good but he was not great. Great fighters are not afraid to lose so they fight to finish or dominate convincingly. Look at Ronda, she fears nothing and goes to kill. Look at Pettis, supremely confident in his skills and does not let the fact Guida beat him make him afraid to try to finish. I do not like Jones at all but the reason people think he is the new GOAT is not because he won all those fights it's because he won them by finishing and dominating guys. GSP was good, he won by exploiting what he could and not getting hurt. You act like he beat Diaz up. All he did was stay out of range of Diaz's punches and hold him down a lot. When you are holding on to someone's waist as they crawl on all fours to the cage from the center of the octagon how can you call that fighting? I mean he didn't even try and stop him from crawling. Diaz was wide open to any and all attacks as his knees and hands were crawling to the cage and GSP did nothing but hug his waist so as jot to lose position. "defeated from the beginning" hahaha okay what you meant to say was GSP looked like he didn't want to fight from the beginning. Maybe he was smart but he will never be looked at in the same light as champions who are not afraid to lose. Look at how Hendricks fought Lawlor their first fight. When was the last time someone looked at a GSP fight and though, yea that was an amazing fight. You can't be super dominant if you areto afraid to lose to do anything impressive. No holding someone on the ground is not impressive, all you need is a good ground game and to be stronger

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