Article: Nextdoor neighbor has heard Watts' get in screaming fights... has anymore from these neighbors been heard/documented?

This doesn't surprise me - it's a lot easier for people to tune out these things than to confront it. They convince themselves it's not their business and they don't know the story well enough to make a judgement, let alone do something about it. It reminds me of the Turpin family, people didn't take the eccentricities of that family seriously because of those trips, the bikes, etc.

Aside from NK, does CW confide in ANYONE about his marriage troubles or the fact that he has a mistress? He's deeply conscious of what his friends and coworkers would think of him if they saw past the image he wants them to see and I do believe that SW also cares about image, to some extent. The biggest difference is that while they both know that the couple behind those happy pictures aren't actually happy, one of them is desperately trying to work things out.

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