Article on misogyny on our subreddit

Disturbing and depressing. All women deserve better than this, but given that we are here discussing a common interest, and that a great deal of what we have been discussing comes from Rabia, Koenig & Susan, and that they are all quite incredible personages of the female persuasion, I think they are owed over and above the usual decency and respect.

I think it would be nice if decent people on this sub made an effort to balance out the disrespectful things that have been said and put some perspective back in the conversation. I'll start:

Koenig: She's been a journalist for nearly a quarter century and is the recipient of an intimidating list of very respectable awards. She's a mother of 2. She was the force behind a podcast that attracted 5.7m listeners a week. She gave us the benefit of a year's research. Thank you, Sarah.

Rabia: If everyone had a friend like this there would probably be fewer murders in the world. She's loyal, proactive, intelligent and an excellent speaker. She's not just speaking on behalf of Adnan either - she's doing her best to seek peace and justice for her whole community. She has shared documents publicly despite it not really benefiting her or Adnan in any way, and despite the flack she receives. Anyone who puts her down should be ashamed of themselves. Thanks Rabia.

Susan: It amazes me that people who denigrate Susan have often read every word that she has written, and taken notes from her video appearances. If being a great writer and having a talent for attention to detail and putting together arguments others are at pains to pull down (because they know that so many people are reading and listening and believing them) offends you - avert thine eyes! Clearly, awesome women are not for you. Thank you Susan...

If you don't like what I've said here, you might want to examine why praise of others makes you more uncomfortable than rudeness.

I hope others will join me in saying thank you to them.

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