Artie Facing Prison Time, Broke His Probation - that's why he's mentioning all this rehab stuff

It only took 5 months for him to fuck up.

The judge looks like an asshole, when the state asked he be remanded straight to involuntary inpatient; Depending on the severity of his addiction/doctor's recommendation, could have been 30 days - three months.

If Judge Sivilli was any good, she would deem him uncooperative and sentence him to home confinement; Only leave home for work and treatment. Instead she'll give him, ' more opportunity' to fck up.

Also, I think the sobriety coach, Kevin Meara, recently took on Artie for publicity, only after Artie realized he needed to get into rehab fast. But since he's dead broke, this guy and his foundation was the best his lawyer/family could come up with to pay for his current (emergency) stay.

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