Artifact Dead on Arrival?

The problem is that your 20 hours might have been fun and free but the guys that have put in hundreds and thousands of hours and keep up on new cards and xpacs by buying packs (because there's no way to do so in f2p currency rates) get absolutely screwed by $1.25 (at best) HS packs that are 5 cards, the vast majority of which end up being commons and rares with two important rarities of cards above that. You can drop $50 and get 2 useless legendaries and dust for maybe one more.

Artifact will have the market so that players that do spend money can actually get the cards they need specifically, and so that if you pull a card you don't need that other players want you can sell it and buy others you do. You're not stuck dusting good cards and spamming packs. Everyone seems to be ignoring the advantages of that system.

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